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Experience the insane thrill of racing a real Ducati with the only RC product of it's kind, Upriser Ducati Motorcycle. Built to wow motorcycle enthusiasts, hobbyists and fans around the the globe, the upriser Ducati Panigale V4 S Motorcycle is developed to be the most technologically advanced RC Bike ever created. The Upriser Ducati has several impressive features, including the superior back-wheel technology, allowing it balance at any speed, even when standing still. It can pop a wheelie from standing still and then drive in any direction while still holding the wheelie. The true balance and Omni technology allows the bike to reach impressive speeds of up to 20km per hour - equal to 180km per hour for it's scale. Master amazing drifts and stunts just the like the real motorcycle, using the shock and absorbing suspension and high precision digital steering technology that allows the bike to move in any direction, including backwards. AGE 14+