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Coin capsule storage tubes are clear, high quality tubes designed to hold 20 Air tight holders for tubes A-I and 15 capsules for the X tube. They feature a welded bottom and snug fitting slip on cap that forms a vacuum type seal when closed. These tubes contain no PVC and are excellent for long term storage of your Air-Tite encapsulated coins.

How To Remove Storage-Tube Caps
Removing the caps creates a vacuum type effect inside the tube, so you may need to pull on the cap with steady pressure for several seconds in order to slowly remove it from the tube. Slightly twisting the cap during this process may also be helpful.

How To Assemble Storage-Tube Air-Tite Coin Capsules 
To put the end cap on the tube you will need to apply steady pressure to the end cap for several seconds. This will allow the air to completely escape from the tube and form a proper seal. If the cap tries to pop off when you remove pressure, continue pushing the cap onto the tube for a few seconds longer. When you remove pressure the cap should remain in place with a vacuum like seal.

(The H tube will also hold 10-11 2 oz. capsules for the Privateers or Queens Beast)
(The X tube will also hold 10-11 of the X6D capsule)
Sale is for tubes only (capsules sold separately) 
For help with sizes please contact us for assistance.