1 x Fools Gold Pyrite Fake Pretend Nuggets Box Rock Pirate Party Favour Novelty

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Fool's Gold, Pyrite

These are a great idea for Pirate themed Birthday parties.

You will get one hard plastic box with fool's gold inside.
These are a great idea for party favours which the kids will love and lots of fun also,
Each box contains small gold pyrite nuggets
Composition: Iron Sulphide
What is Pyrite?
Iron Pyrite is the most common of the Sulphide Minerals.
How is it formed?
Pyrite is formed by the combination of malachite, emerald, dioptasen mixed by heat and pressure.
Where can it be found?
Britain, North America, Chile, Peru

Interesting fact you did not know: Commonly know as Fool's Gold, but originally Pyrite (meaning "of fire") was used as an early method of making fire.

Each plastic box measures - 5cm x 4cm.

Not suitable for kids 3 and under.

Brand new in box.